The isle of Aran is a fabulous place to visit

November 19, 2020 1:17 pm


If you are looking for a bit of peace and quiet plus wild and rugged scenery then the Isle of Aran of the west coast of Ireland is definitely the place that you need to go. Three small islands lie in Galway Bay protecting it from the worst ravages and excesses of the Atlantic Ocean. However whilst the sea around the Isles may well be a Maelstrom the land on the island is a sleepy oasis of calm as the inhabitants go about their daily business very much as they have done through the years. One thing that you will need is some of the famous Aran Sweaters that the islanders are right renowned for wearing and creating. You can get some from the Shamrock Gift Aran Sweater where they have some great examples.

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It takes just eight minutes to fly there but most use the ferry. This gives the view a great first glimpse of this example of hidden and largely untouched Ireland. There is plenty to see and do if you are not the relaxing type. The islands offer a great opportunity to go walking and hiking through some truly striking scenery and it’s also unlikely that you’ll bump into anyone else.

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If that sounds too much like hard work, rest assured that you will have rest assured with the large number of hotels, restaurants and local watering holes that can cater to your needs. Being an island the emphasis is very much on Seafood so be prepared for a feast of fish and crustaceans all locally caught.