Setting off from PortStewart Strand

August 20, 2021 4:38 pm


One of the most beautiful parts of Northern Ireland is one that is not that well known. It is something of a hidden jewel as most people carry on to the Giants Causeway and don’t go into the town of PortStewart and the beach at Strand. The beach there is glorious and one of the cleanest in Britain. It stretches for miles and is serviced by a small shop that is owned by the National Trust. In fact all of the beach is owned by the National Trust which is responsible for much of the country’s landscape and coastline.

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There is plenty of walking to be had around the area and you’ll need to be covered up if you decide to  take a trip there in the Winter. The coast is facing the meeting of the Atlantic and the Irish Sea. This means that it can become quite windy here. It’s no surprise that Kite flying is one of the many fun things to do on the beach.

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How do you keep out the cold so that you can enjoy the scenery without feeling like bits of you are going to drop off. Not only that, the seas spray is also quite strong and acute here. Luckily, the Irish have come up with a solution to this in the shape of the  Aran Sweaters. They are available at Shamrock Gift. These are incredible warm jumpers that were created with a special wool. This wool is taken from the merino sheep and the wool actually has water resistant properties. It was actually created for the fisherman of the islands of Aran to protect them from the elements of the Oceans.