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The Importance of Financial Advice

There are many different types of advice available, but the most important thing to remember about this advice is that it should only ever be given by someone who has

Reasons to participate in medical experiments

Without clinical trials, an amazing innovation, technology or breakthrough in medical treatment may not occur. Clinical trials need participants but unfortunately, many trials are under-subscribed by as much as 37%

Community Spirit and Neighbourhood Watch

When you move to a new neighbourhood you probably want to feel part of that Community, to feel useful in the area you live and perhaps to be part of

Pigeons – help or hindrance?

Pigeons have been used to carry messages for a long time in human history. They can be effectively trained to fly between two locations and will do so without fail

Known Issues with Garden Trees

Keeping trees healthy and cared for in your garden can sometimes feel like a complicated task. Winter can cause damage to our trees, so it's important to make sure they

Summer trends to monitor in your fashion business

Running a fashion business is all about keeping an eye on the current trends that are circulating and looking at how each season progresses. You also need to make sure

How Capability Brown destroyed the Formal garden

In the past the Gardens of the wealthy were pretty much the same kind of affair. The accepted thinking in the world of horticulture was that every attempt should be

The ongoing need to make things more visible

As humans we are not keen on the dark. Once the Sun goes down we are at the mercy of the elements. Since the dawn of human existence we have