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What are the Reasons for Hiring a Bodyguard?

Many people think that the only people who have bodyguards (also known as close protection officers) are high profile celebrities, but that is not true at all. In fact, most

Some interesting facts about Microsoft

Image credit   Easily one of the most influential and powerful businesses on the planet is Microsoft. Set up by Bill Gates and his small team back in the late

What Happens During a Food Safety Visit?

When you are going to have a food safety inspection of your business, then what should you expect to see? A lot of the time a food service or retail

Making sure you get the shading on the building right.

As the planet continues to see rising temperatures the need to keep and office cool is becoming more and more important for employers to consider. They are increasingly looking to

Six Property Staging Tips

If you are considering selling your home, you are likely to want it to sell quickly. There are things you can do to help this along. Here are six ideas.

York or Jorvik. A trip back in time

One of the world's cities in the world is that of York. It has changed hands many times doen through the centuries. It has been contested over by English, Saxons,

Should I Have a Timber Garage?

So, you've finally decided to go ahead and build a wooden garage, but how much can you really expect from your investment? The key to building a good quality wooden

Your Moving House Checklist

So you have finally found your dream home and started the process of moving house – the next few weeks are likely to be quite hectic and stressful, but there