Is it the end of Are you being served?

December 16, 2020 4:24 am


One of the most well known and fondly remembered 70’s UK comedies is that of Are you being Severed. Set in a fictional department store it is centred around the mens and womens fashion floor where the ex-military man Captain Peacock (a role that many services officers went into after they retired from the forces) holds command. His new troops are Mrs Solcombe, the seasoned brightly coloured haired battle axe and Miss Brahms the young and confident “new girl”. On the men’s side he has Mike (played by interchangeable actors) whose aim is life is to get with Miss Brahms and Mr Humphries is certainly homosexual but displays it by being “camp” as they said in the 1970’s. He seems deeply stereotypical and partly offensive to us now.

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However, this was the done thing back in the 1970’s. Shopping was conducted on a Saturday in such places. Grace Brothers was a fictional example of the retail model that Woolworths, Debenhams and House of Fraser all had. A large central location that catered for everything from underwear to frying pans depending on where the lift landed,

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Just as the comedy is looking dated and extinct it seems that such large department stores are following it. You want Tommy Hilfiger Clothes you can easily get them at without having to leave your home. Once being welcomed by Captain Peacock and then fitted up by Mr Humphries was an event. Now it can be done with a mouse click.