Four Things that you Need to Keep an Eye on During a Power Cut

November 3, 2020 10:04 am


Power cuts are one of those annoying things that happen from time to time. They can be caused by many things including local roadworks, bad weather or a fallen power line. It is a good idea to be prepared for a power cut. Keeping a power cut supply kit handy will help you – a torch and battery powered radio are two things that you should definitely always keep somewhere in your home that you can easily access (remember when you try to find them, it may well be dark!)

If you want to be really well prepared, some candles and one of these gener-g diesel generators are great to keep in the home as they can help you to stay comfortable whilst the power is off. Here are four things that you should also keep an eye on whilst you have a power cut in your area…

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Trip Switches – Check that none of your switches have tripped first – if they have then it is a problem in your house rather than a power cut in the area.

Plug Sockets – Go around your home and turn off your power sockets on the walls. When power is restored, it can come on in surges which could cause damage to your electronic devices such as televisions and computers.

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Frozen Food – If there is no power to your freezer frozen food will defrost and most cannot be re-frozen, so check it to see if it has defrosted as it will need to be disposed of.

Vulnerable Neighbours – If you have neighbours who are on their own or elderly, check up on them to make sure they are ok and see if they need anything.