How Bournemouth came to be.

June 8, 2020 12:48 pm


Bournemouth is a bustling busy town, one of the busiest in Dorset, but its roots are somewhat humble. It was the vision of Lewis Tregonwell and George Iverson Tapps who wanted to create a place where those with the scourge of tuberculosis could come and find respite. It was thought that the sea air, combined with that of Pine trees, was a way of relieving the symptoms. You  need a Coach Hire Bournemouth based company like to get round and see them all now.

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By the time Tregonwell and Tapps had passed on, Tapp’s son, George Tapps-Gervis, decided to carry on his Father’s work when he inherited the land. By this time in 1835 a small but thriving village had grown. Tapps-Gervis tried to develop the town as much as Weymouth and Brighton but despite investment the town did not receive many new visitors. He invited the writer Augustus Granville to stay at his new hotel. Granville was also a physician and in appreciation he devoted an entire chapter to the sea air and pine resort praising its medicinal qualities.

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This opened the floodgates and soon visitors were flocking to Bournemouth to take the air and waters.  The town was on the up.