How to improve your living room.

June 4, 2020 5:20 pm


Do you feel that your living room is becoming a bit tired? Maybe it’s the decor that you’ve had for too long or the room is being used for too many other things. Here is a quick guide to give you a few pointers as to what you can do to try and recapture it. One of the best ways to really invigorate a room is to change the carpet, or better still get rid of it altogether. Why not switch to an Engineered Wood Flooring option instead? The look of real wood certainly brings a homely feel to a room.

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  1. Add a real fire, or a new fireplace. The mantelpiece is the central focus of any living or sitting room. It is the place where you put the frames of the family, the newly won awards or the birthday cards up. Make sure it looks special with a nice one.
  2. Change the wallpaper. This is an easy and quick win. It doesn’t have to be wallpaper, a simple paint job might also be the answer. Look at the size of the room and what you can do with the colour.
  3. New soft furnishings. Another quick win and quite a cheap one at that. Replace the curtains and the cushions and you can introduce new colour or go rustic.

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  1. A painting or Mural. A nice large landscape, possibly somewhere you have been, is a great idea. It acts like another window. One of the most famous murals was the one in Hilda Ogdens back dining room. It even had 3 brass ducks flying up it.

Certainly something’s to consider.