The ongoing need to make things more visible

June 29, 2020 5:12 pm


As humans we are not keen on the dark. Once the Sun goes down we are at the mercy of the elements. Since the dawn of human existence we have sought out ways to bring light to the dark and see each other or other things clearly. There is a very practical reason for this. In our modern era of awareness of health and safety it becomes even more important to protect yourself and your business by using fluorescents and safety equipment for staff as much as possible.

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In the past there was little or no provision. Now, especially for the rear of Vans, we have reflective strips and lights available. One of the issues that motorists have is seeing the vehicle ahead at night. The same applies for the skips that you can get from a Carmarthen Skip Hire company. These are often yellow and come with reflective strips or lights if they are going to be left on the roadside overnight, so that people can see them.

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The health and safety aspect is roundly complained about but when you consider that even as early as the nineteen seventies the only thing that was available were overalls this has to be an improvement. Technology has certainly changed in regard to this. There is even a growing movement in the sportswear and outdoor clothing industry to use reflective gear as a fashion statement.