The essential role of the inventory in lettings

June 29, 2020 5:11 pm


When we think about letting, either as a landlord or as a tenant, one of the people we tend to forget in the process is that of the inventory administrator or clerk. It is easy to put their role to one side as the ultimate aim for both parties is to either be a; in the property engaging in “quiet enjoyment” of it or b; reaping the rent money from it if you are the landlord. Why is this clerk’s role so important to the process? You can be sure that when you do use one they will have undergone extensive training with the Letting Agents Cheltenham that they work for such as and will be well versed in what needs to happen to ensure the let goes through properly and without a hitch.

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The essential role of the property clerk is twofold. They are working for both the landlord and the tenant by being completely impartial and providing a truthful and honest report about the property. Recent legislation has meant that it is now harder for a landlord to simply keep the tenants deposit for even a slight infraction. This is because the Inventory clerk will have made a thorough report on what the state of the property is, plus what is included with it, such as white goods, if any.

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When the tenancy comes to an end, after the usual factors of wear and tear are considered, this report will form the basis of whether the deposit can be returned in full or minus costs.