Have you Inherited some money and now need some advice on how to invest it?

June 29, 2020 5:08 pm


Your favourite Auntie has sadly passed away and generously left a fair amount of money in her Will for you to inherit but what do you do with her surprise blessing?  Depending on personal circumstances of course, but the general consensus of advice would be to use some of the money to pay off any debts that you have.  This is especially true if the Interest rate on any big loans you have taken out is high or if you have several smaller debts that you are struggling to pay every month.  It’s worth investing in some Financial advisor software from companies such as https://www.intelliflo.com/financial-adviser-software  so that you can get some independent financial advice.

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Once your debts have all been cleared then some of the remaining money could be used to enhance your way of life and maybe take a vacation or purchase a new car?  Just make sure you invest some of your money into a high interest account that you can access immediately if necessary.  This money that was so kindly left to you that was so totally unexpected but well deserved as you and your Auntie had a great relationship and spent many happy hours together shopping, going out for lunch and just putting the World to rights.

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Make the most of your unexpected windfall, do your beloved Auntie proud and cherish the generous gift she so kindly left you.