The changing face of ageing

November 30, 2021 4:37 am


You may have heard of the phrase “life begins at 40”. As with most “sayings”, there is both an element of truth and a lie about it. For one thing, it’s usually only said by people who are not 40 to someone who has just become 40. It’s an age where it’s generally thought someone takes stock of their life so far and makes some long-term decisions about it. A job and career should be in place; a family should be established etc. It was basically seen as the start of “middle age”. However, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has had something to say about that. You may not need the services of someone employed in a Care Jobs Gloucester way firm like just yet.

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The WHO has said that they no longer consider the age of 40 as the start of middle age, In fact they don’t even consider the age of 50 to be the start. 0 to 55 is now consider to be youth and young age. Middle age does’nt start till you are 56 and then ends when you are 80.

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Old age to the WHO is now from your eighties onwards. It is a testament to the improvements that we have made in public health, food quality and availability, access to fresh drinking water and improvements in medicine and surgery practice and recovery that has got us to this stage. A comforting thought indeed.