Why Use Underfloor Heating?

April 26, 2021 6:49 pm


Underfloor heating systems are a revolutionary type of underfloor heating which uses electrical or hydronic heating elements embedded into the floor for efficient indoor temperature control with thermal comfort. This unique heating method produces minimal heat loss and a high-efficient radiant heat flow with very little noise. Underfloor heating is achieved primarily by convection, radiation and conduction. This unique heating method produces very little heat transfer through solid materials and relies on radiant heating for heat distribution.

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Underfloor heating is extremely effective at eliminating unpleasant floor temperatures and providing outstanding acoustics. Convectional heating occurs when warm air rises and cool air descends. This process of heating convectors draws warm air upward in a warm current, while colder air is drawn across it in a fan-coil fashion. Radiant heating works on the same principle but uses windows to provide warm air from the outside. Convection is most efficient at heating floors in small rooms such as a bedroom or study, where the heat needed may not be readily available. For larger rooms, thermal radiation or direct-vent systems are more suitable for efficient heating. One of the best providers of  Underfloor Heating Gloucestershire way is  Parsons Flooring.

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The benefits of underfloor heating include energy efficiency, safety, ventilation, comfort, appearance, environmental sensitivity and cost. The installation of underfloor heating is quick, easy and economical. The installation of this kind of system can reduce your energy bill by as much as 30%! During cold seasons, the system helps to keep the temperature of the floor uniformly cold. When installed properly, this system has no major negative effects on the floor, walls or ceiling.