Roofs of the past

September 7, 2020 3:22 pm


Humans have been building shelters for themselves for millenia and over the years we have perfected new techniques to help us shelter ourselves away from the elements outside that have in some cases threatened our very existence. We now have professional Roofing Cheltenham companies that can install and repair our roofs for us.

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Here are some of the roofs that have been used in the past.


  • Mud and straw – early primitive houses were often made from mud and straw and the roofs were no different. Each year the roof would be added to and new straw and mud added to help make it as water tight as possible.

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  • Thatched – a development of the mud and straw roofs mentioned above was the use of thatch. Where bundles of reeds are joined together and laid down in layers on the roof before being covered with a netting to prevent birds and animals from penetrating the reeds. The reeds themselves are water resistant which is why they make the perfect roofing structure. Over time thatch will need to be replaced to ensure that it remains effective and water tight.


  • Tiles – clay tiles were first used in china as a roof material and since then we have developed a number of other tiling materials that we use to cover our roofs with. All these materials are used as a result of their durability and ability to allow water to run off the roof space.