What Happens During a Food Safety Visit?

September 28, 2020 2:42 pm


When you are going to have a food safety inspection of your business, then what should you expect to see? A lot of the time a food service or retail establishment will have their premises visited by a public health inspector. This is an important procedure as it gives them the chance to discuss any concerns that they may have and for staff to have an opportunity to ask any questions that they have.

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What happens during a food safety inspection? During this time the inspectors are going to take the time to inspect the premises in order to make sure everything is up to par and is in good condition. This means the entire restaurant should be clean and well maintained. They will also consider any problems that are found in the kitchen so that they can be fixed. The inspectors will also talk with employees about any concerns that they may have about food handling. It is important for the inspectors to talk to the employees. They will want to make sure that everyone is being honest and straight with them when it comes to any concerns. For advice from Food Safety Consultants, Go to MQM Consulting the leading food safety consultants

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What do the inspectors look for during a visit? During this time the inspectors will look at the cleanliness of all the equipment that is used in the kitchen. It should have no broken or missing parts on it should be in good working order. In addition to that the inspectors are going to look at the restrooms and any areas that employees use to eat in. They will want to make sure that everything is clean and sanitary. All employees should always be wearing their uniforms and gloves as this is a requirement by the government. You may also have to show the inspectors where the food is stored.