Some interesting facts about Microsoft

September 28, 2020 2:44 pm


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Easily one of the most influential and powerful businesses on the planet is Microsoft. Set up by Bill Gates and his small team back in the late nineteen seventies they have trained to dominate the software industry with applicantins life Word, Excel and Access. Now they are attempting to better the world’s lot with Microsoft teams. Again due to recent events this has proved a real godsend. We all need help with computers and It so this is where a IT Support Cheltenham based company like are really handy to have around. I wonder if they know these facts about Microsoft?

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  1. Shares in Microsoft are rather expensive. However, if you’d taken a punt on this fledgling computer company when it first started out and bought a share at twenty one dollars you’d be looking at a return of fourteen thousand nine hundred and ninety today. If you like percentages that’s an increase of seventy one thousand two hundred and eighty three percent.
  2. Bill Gates has a lot of money. He was a billionaire at 31 and he’s up to some twelve billion now.
  3. It’s not just Bill that’s done well out of the Micrsoft.Its reckoned that at least 12 millionaires have been made with working for the company and his fellow start up director Steve Ballmer is a billionaire as well. So much so he bought the LA Clippers.
  4.  Just like Citizen Kane, Gates wanted a Xanadu. He got a place in Washington state for 2 million. If he decides to sell it now it’s going to go for 23 million at least.