Making sure you get the shading on the building right.

September 24, 2020 10:31 am


As the planet continues to see rising temperatures the need to keep and office cool is becoming more and more important for employers to consider. They are increasingly looking to architects to come up with solutions that will mean that there is less need to have expensive and counter productive systems like air con in place. Air con uses considerable energy and fuel so if a nature remedy can be found then why not use that? This is where the Brise Soleil form of building design comes into its own. Brise Soleil is French for sun breaker and that is exactly what this innovative system does.

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Using modern design and materials buildings the Brise soleil approach creates shading on the building to keep out the worst effects of the sun’s rays. These are covers that deflect the sun’s rays away from the building and create shade to stop the building from overheating. The reason why it has become so envogue is the increasing use of the large glass panels in construction. The open plan office is rapidly becoming the norm and the use of glass expands the office even more allowing the staff to have encompassing views of their surroundings.

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However, glass warms quickly in direct sunlight and this inturn hearts up the office. With a Brise soleil system the windows are shaded but enough natural light is let in to illuminate the office without having to rely on electrical generated light.