Decluttering your office space

May 11, 2020 4:31 pm


Having an organised office space is not only essential for your employees to be as productive as possible, it also helps to establish a great first impression to those who visit the office.

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Here are some key areas that you should declutter.

Reception space – a cluttered reception area does not give a great first impression. This area should be kept tidy each day and this includes the reception desk as well as any Reception Chairs that you have available for your visitors to sit on. You can find some great Reception chairs from Best Buy Office Chairs.

Desk space – many offices are starting to promote clear desk policies not only to help their employees to focus on each task in hand but to help protect sensitive documents from being overlooked by people who do not need to see the information in them. Filing cabinets help with this as they can be located away from the desk space and locked for adding security.

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Floor space – for health and safety reasons you should make sure that any cables are tidied away and that no items are left on the floor as they can become trip and slip hazards and if left block fire escapes they can cause harm.