The use of rubber in the home

May 26, 2020 3:59 pm


Rubber is a durable material that is used in many sectors and can be found both in a natural form and can be synthetically made. Rubber is a versatile material that can be used in the Rubber Moulding process to be transformed into a number of different shapes.

Here are some of the more common uses for rubber in the home.

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Rubber Gloves – the humble rubber glove has been used for many years to help protect our hands when washing up or cleaning the home and they still remain a firm favourite with many people.

Hair Bands – Keeping our hair neat and tidy is a daily task, especially if you have young children. This is where the hair band comes to our rescue. Quick and easy to use it takes away some of the stress at the start of the day.

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Wellingtons – Wading through muddy water or traipsing across a field in winter whilst you walk the dog would be unbearable if it wasn’t for our trusty wellington boots keeping your feet warm and dry.

Hot water bottles – we have all snuggled up with a hot water bottle when the weather starts to cool or perhaps if we are feeling unwell and with the durability of the rubber material people often have these for years and years before they need to be replaced.