High Energy Heat Source, Plasma Spray Coatings

May 27, 2021 4:49 pm


There are a variety of different types of industrial spray coatings, all designed to provide the end-user with the protection and safety necessary for his/her working conditions. The type of application will determine which one is most appropriate for your company. Whether it’s protecting a factory floor from dangerous particles, protecting equipment from weathering, or preventing grease and oil buildup, there’s a perfect solution for you out there.

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One of the most popular types of protective coatings used today is the high temperature resistant (HTR) Plasma Spray, like that from Poeton. These are available in both a wet and dry form and are excellent for many applications in the industrial world. Many companies utilize these types of coatings because they are incredibly durable, able to withstand high temperatures, don’t require a great deal of maintenance, and are safe for people who work with them on a regular basis. Another benefit is that these types of coatings can be applied at extremely low temperatures, which also means they can be applied without having to use the sprayer itself. There is also no need to worry about a “spill” of a material, since these are made from materials that expand or contract depending upon their physical properties.

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In order to save even more money, many businesses are opting to purchase a “green” variety of thermal spray coatings. This type of coating is used as a protective, recyclable layer against harmful elements that can cause damage to the machinery that is being protected. It is made from recycled paperboard, rubber, or composite materials, and is applied to the exposed surfaces of the machine by a high temperature gun.