The damaging impact of fly tipping

January 7, 2021 3:40 pm


Fly tipping is a scourge on our countryside and costs the UK up to a whopping £186 million each year! It is a crime and carries significant consequences for those caught doing it. The investigations and cleaning operations cost huge sums for the taxpayer and private owners but what other damage can it inflict?

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Fly tipping is highly damaging to the environment, as well as having the possibility of endangering public health. There are chemicals in waste that can leak into the soil, endangering local wildlife and impacting local businesses and homes. If asbestos is dumped, this can be a dangerous and costly clean up exercise as the fibres in asbestos, when released can cause serious disease. Public health is threatened as dumped waste attracts pests. To catch persistent fly tippers, a Private Detective London can be helpful. Find out more at

As well as the environmental impact, there is also a significant social impact. Property values are lowered, businesses suffer, and areas can turn into eyesores overnight. The sight and smell of such waste is a very unpleasant thing for residents to deal with.

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For landowners who become the victim of fly tipping, the incident should be immediately notified to the local authority. There may also be a need for the services of a business specialising in this type of clean-up operation. For those hiring the services of a waste removal company, ensure that they are registered as a legitimate carrier of waste as now the person hiring such companies can also be liable for what happens to that waste.