Why you might want to look at working in care

January 5, 2021 4:56 pm


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When you assist people with a range of everyday activities, it is highly rewarding and many people look for Care Jobs Stroud way or in a region local to where they live so that they can work in an industry that makes a difference to people’s everyday lives. The individuals who work in this field tend to be inherently caring and patient. This is especially true of those who practise in elderly care. The type of work carried out will be to assist with personal care and mobility, to assist with preparing and eating their meals, and social and physical activity.

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The job of care comes hand in hand with listening to the stories of people’s lives and gives you an insight into what their past was like. Several stories told to care workers illustrate how, over the years, culture has changed and improved. Oral history has become an incredibly useful way to document real people’s stories, told in their own words and from their points of view. This gives us a much better understanding of our past, the history and cultural changes of our world. In some cases it is the families that give in an insight into the individual’s life that can dramatically increase the care that they receive.

This is particularly true for dementia patients who may not be able to tell their carers about their working life or their hobbies. It is the families who can give an insight into things that might help to soothe the individual as well as things that could upset or agitate them.