What Are the Strangest Things Found in Sewers?

March 25, 2021 4:39 am


There are a lot of things that are strange to most people, but there are a few odd things that can be found in any sewer system. Strange things have been found in sewers all over the country, and it has caused quite a stir in people who would like to see less in their toilets. If you were wondering what are the strangest things found in sewers, here are a few of them for you. They are usually picked up on the CCTV Drainage Surveys that come through when a company like Wilkinson Environmental investigates a clog or blockage.

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  1. A “fatberg” as big as a Double decker bus. Combining Fat with nappy wipes, and possibly nappies as well, created this huge blockage in London sewers. It took a team of dozens using high pressure hoses days to clear it. At one point a flame thrower was considered.
  2. Assorted rings and jewellery. The water and sewerage companies are regularly rang up by panicked people that have seen a prized family heirloom find it’s way down the sink.
  3. False teeth and retainers. Anyone who has had to pay for some dentures or teeth correctors will know that they are expensive. It’s unlikely that the dentist or orthodontist will provide another pair for free so it’s another popular call to the sewerage works.
  4. Alligators. There has never been any conclusive proof but some people believe in a rather tall tale about some escaping from a New York zoo. It’s where the Ninja turtles lived after all.

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Now, when talking about what are the strangest things found in sewers, you need to remember that you cannot always find something in a sewer system. It’s certainly worth a try calling them.