What Are Roof Trusses?

March 24, 2021 4:03 pm


A wood roof truss resembles a column, consisting of horizontally-running vertical timbers arranged in a way to connect two adjoining roofs. These may be arranged vertically or horizontally. The roof structure is usually known as a ridge beam, which is designed to allow rain water to run off a flat section of the roof. This type of roof is commonly used in most of the world for construction where it is prudent and cost effective to do so. Trusses are also used to support the framing of buildings. Without any doubt it is the application of an Oak Roof Truss that provides the best support.

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When viewed a wood truss appears to be a straight column, but it is not! The timbers in a truss are usually arranged in a way to connect two adjoining roofs by means of longitudinal timbers called purlins. The space inside the truss also acts as a rafter. Most trusses have been built with a mortise and tenon joint, allowing for the connection of tenons between the bottom side and the top of the riser. These joints allow for the secure fastening and stability of the structure.

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A traditional wood roof truss can be made of many different types of material, including shingles, cedar, and pine. The most popular type of truss used for residential use is made from pine, though it is also possible to find ones made from ash, hemlock, and spruce. Commercial grade trusses made from these materials are also available.