Ways to Find a Plot of Land if you are Struggling

September 15, 2020 1:20 pm


In the UK it can be incredibly difficult to find a plot of land to put your self-build house on. In some parts of the country it will be easier than others – of course you will find you have more luck if you are looking to build in the Scottish Highlands, but generally further south and near more densely populated areas, as many people who want to pursue their dream of self-building a home have found it can be tricky.

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Many people hunting for a plot of land find that they go to their first port of call – the internet where there are sites dedicated to finding a plot, and they realise that there is very little available to them. There are, however, other ways to find a plot of land. A lot of people find that if they have identified some land that they would like to buy, going and speaking to the person who owns it and asking if they would sell it can often be a successful way to purchase land. Whether a farmer’s field or part of a back garden, there is certainly no harm at all in asking.

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Another option is to go down the demolish to re-build route. This is fast becoming a popular option, as it opens up a lot more options and can be a great way of obtaining a good plot. Make sure that when doing this you use a professional such as demolition Bath services to make sure it is done safely and correctly, and you will also need to ensure that you have planning permission to go ahead with your project.