Maximising the heat in your home.

March 1, 2021 1:58 pm


As the demand for the earth’s resources increases,and the amount available decreases, then we should all need to look at how we can heat our phones efficiently. There are several ways the we can do this to ensure that nothing is lost when trying to keep the place warm and snug. Here are a few of them.

  1. Double glazing. Double glazing is a quick and extremely effective way of retaining heat in a building. It is, conversely a great way of stopping heat from getting in during a heatwave as well. The thickness of the glass coupled with the void inside is able to literally reflect the heat generated in the home back into it. This stops the heat loss that would require the turning up of the thermostat.

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  1. Jumpers and blankets. It seems that the practice of the Danish way of life Hygge is a very good idea. Hygge is about cuddling up with each other under a nicely thick blanket. This shared body heat works well. Also, rather than wander around in a t-shirt with the heating on full blast why not simply put a jumper or hoodie on.

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  1. Downlight Covers. These are the one of the most interesting ways that you can retain the heat in the home. Strong LED lights are perfect in creating light and they do not use up as much energy as a conventional bulb or even some low energy options. The covers are fitted in the ceiling and reflect the heat back into the room.  Some of the best can be bought from