Essentials for a home office

March 4, 2021 1:41 pm


With the rapid increase in home working brought on by the pandemic it seems that the idea of working from home is not going to go away any time soon. Employers and employees have both seen the limitless benefits of doing so and it may well signal a seismic shift and sea change in how we work in the future.

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Of course this will mean a lot of changes and in the way that we work. One of those is how we actually do the working from home. The use of Zoom and Teams is very important but the last thing that we want is for our living rooms to be on display to all and sundry of our work colleagues or even worse, our bosses.

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The main thing that you need to have is a dedicated space for the home office. This can be in a specific room in the house if you have the space. If not it’s best to find a corner of a room like the living room or dining room as these are centres of activity anyway. Bedrooms are not ideal as psychologically you start to associate the room with work as opposed to rest and sleep.


Secondly you will need a decent desk. Dining room tables and work surfaces are ok for the short term but a proper workstation is by far the best option. To reduce costs you should look at getting a Sharp Printer lease from for your printing control needs. It might be an idea to review your insurance policy. If you have work items see if they are covered by your works insurance rather than your own.