How to be successful in your pharmacy job interview

May 6, 2020 3:50 pm


How to be successful in your pharmacy job interview

Becoming a pharmacist requires a significant level of commitment. Qualification status is only achieved after six to eight years of academic study, at the end of which you could potentially find yourself without employment.

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Employment obstacles

After all those years of study, it is surprising that pharmacists struggle to find suitable placements once graduated. Whilst a plethora of pharmaceutical establishments can be found on every British high street, the reality is that fully-qualified pharmacists outnumber the available positions by a ratio of five to one. Once a pharmacist, always a pharmacist; for many, it is a job for life. This may explain the large number of older chemists who remain in long-held positions and are reluctant to relinquish their positions.

A recent survey revealed that there were ten applicants for every position advertised. This can only result in a scramble between those equally qualified and an attempt to outperform and surpass fellow pharmacists.

Recruiters have the pick of the bunch; therefore, newly-qualified graduates looking for a career in clinical trial services, for example, are likely to find that linking with a relevant recruitment agency is a good place to start.

Standing out from the crowd

Successful recruitment will depend upon an individual’s ability to present themselves as a cut above the rest. This can start at the very beginning of the pharmacy degree by following a career planning timetable.

It is not enough to consider yourself a master of pharmaceuticals; in fact, the role of pharmacist demands significant business, personal, technical and behavioural skills.

A prospective pharmacist needs to display a hunger for the role, an understanding of customer service, an instinctive ability to detect addictive behaviour and other challenging medical conditions, an extensive industry knowledge, profound personal ambition and a level of introspection. Understanding individual strengths and weaknesses is vital to this important customer service role.

Making an effort to present yourself professionally at interview should be a given, with how you look on the outside reflecting your motivation, knowledge and attention to detail. Never underestimate the power of emotional intelligence in beating down the opposition.