Getting to grips with Student accommodation

September 2, 2020 2:35 pm


Now that you’ve finally done your A-Levels and secured a place at University (hopefully the one of your choice) it’s time to think about how you are going to live when you are there. Unless you’ve decided to go to a local Uni you will need to have a place to live.  For those lucky to have got into the University of Gloucestershire Student Accommodation Cheltenham based places are covered by What do you need to know before you start to move in and what types of accommodation are there?

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  1. Halls of Residence. This is one of the most common ways you will be living in University. It is usually only for the first year so that you can bed in and find your feet in the local area. It also takes the pressure of finding a new place. Don’t get too comfy though. You will need to start looking as soon as you can for something for the next year or preferable two or three depending on the length of your course.
  2. Student Houses. Some Universities have specific properties that they have purchased for the use of students. This is especially useful if you are studying something that is niche or requires like minds to surround you. For example if you are thinking of attending a course in Welsh it is useful to be in a House where others speak it. The same is true of other disciplines such as IT. Make sure you check this out before you go.

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  1. Rented Accomodation. For the most part this is where you will be living for the majority of your time at University. For most of us it will mean sharing with other students, possibly from other disciplines, that you have befriended in the first year whilst in Halls. Don’t rush into this, make sure that you know the people you are going to be sharing a bathroom with!