Being Green at Work – How you Can Help

February 2, 2021 3:13 pm


Scientists have been giving us stark warnings about the need to change our ways to avoid the climate change catastrophe. In the home, many people have been doing more to combat the threat of global warming and to save the planet from environmental disaster, but it is equally important that we carry on with this mindset when we are in the workplace.

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There are many ways that you can make changes at work to make the place more environmentally friendly and to make the workplace a greener place to be. Here are a few ideas…


Think about What you Can Recycle – Recycling is important to prevent the worlds oceans becoming clogged with plastic and to stop so much going into landfill. Look for a commercial recycling company such as who will be able to advise you on what you can recycle – you may not be aware of how much can be stopped from going to landfill!

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Change how you get to Work – Getting to work is another way that damages the environment. The amount of traffic now on the roads at rush hour also makes it a boring chore, so why not include getting fit and healthy with saving the planet If you can, cycle or walk, or if you live further away why not organise an employee car share scheme which will also help you to save money on fuel costs as well as saving the planet!