What are the benefits of fuel injectors?

October 28, 2020 2:02 pm


A car’s fuel injection system using an electricity to thrust fuel into the engine for burning. Carburettors used to do this job, but the fuel injection system is the main fuel system in modern vehicles.

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The injectors spray fuel into an engine’s combustion chambers at certain intervals. The systems can be used with a variety of different fuels such as petrol, gas, diesel and hydrogen, for example. The most recent advance in this technology is electronic fuel injection. This means that each cylinder has its own fuel injector and is otherwise known as multi-port fuel injection.

What are the benefits of this kind of system?

Emissions are improved

Fuel efficiency is increased

They provide a good level of engine output


Provide an easier drive and smoother operation

Cheaper maintenance costs

Chance to use different fuels

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To get the full benefit from your fuel injectors, it’s important that they are working properly. For Injector reconditioning Northern Ireland, visit a site like ODS Automotive.

Fuel can cause the system to become clogged which will negatively impact the performance of the engine. The key is to keep your injectors clean so the fuel can flow smoothly to where it needs to go.

Carburettors are thankfully a thing of the past for most, as they were not particularly reliable. A fuel injector is designed to deliver just the correct amount of fuel to the engine when it is required whereas carburettors pushed through a large amount in one go, often overestimating to be on the safe side.