“You’re FIRED” says Sir Alan Sugar from The Apprentice!

April 28, 2020 12:15 pm


The Apprentice is a Reality, Television game show hosted by Sir Alan Sugar and his two trusted advisors, Karren Brady and Claude Littner. A selection of approximately 20 male and female candidates stay together in a large house in London and are split into two teams. The two teams are given different tasks each week in order to test out leadership skills and to see if they can work together in order to win each project.  The team leaders split their groups into two sections and appoint a sub-team leader.

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The winning team earn themselves a treat such as a Spa or wine tasting experience and the losing team including the leader have to decide which three individuals are responsible for the loss and then the three of them face Sir Alan, Karren and Claude in the Boardroom. After interrogating the three candidates Sir Alan consults with his two advisors and then mutters the immortal words “YOUR FIRED”!

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Eventually the group of twenty candidates is whittled down to the last remaining five individuals who all present their business plans, not only to Sir Alan, Karren and Claude but to several other trusted friends and advisors. Like a Conference Speaker at a job seeking seminar penetrating questions are asked and the candidates business plans are pulled apart mercilessly. Three more candidates are then “FIRED” and of the remaining two, one is chosen to become Sir Alan’s business partner and also gets £”250.000.