How to get the most out of your CCTV

November 25, 2021 6:21 pm


We all know about the benefits of security cameras for acting as a deterrent against thieves but is there more to learn after installation? Is it enough to install and then never think about the cameras again? Well, if you want to get the best from your cameras, here are some important tips:

  1. Keep cameras clean

A camera won’t look like much of a deterrent if it’s old, battered and dirty. It’s a good idea to carry out some occasional maintenance on your cameras, such as keeping them clean and free from dirt, dust and debris. You’ll capture better images this way too. It takes a few seconds to wipe the lens and ensure that your recordings are clear to see. For advice on CCTV Installation Gloucester, visit a site such as APM Fire and Security, a leading CCTV Installation Gloucester supplier.

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  1. Put up signs

Displaying a professional looking sign stating that there are cameras on the property acts as more of a deterrent. It suggests that you have a professional camera system, take matters seriously and that any potential thieves should think twice about putting the system to the test!

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  1. Sensor lighting

Sensor lights are the perfect accompaniment to security cameras. They light up on the detection of movement and also help your cameras to view the area better. The first response of an unexpected light is for a person to look at the light source. If the camera is positioned next to the sensor light, you’ll get a lovely image of their face! With a bit of luck, they will also spot the camera and realise that going any further is just not worth the risk.