York or Jorvik. A trip back in time

September 22, 2020 3:21 pm


One of the world’s cities in the world is that of York. It has changed hands many times doen through the centuries. It has been contested over by English, Saxons, Danes and Vikings before finally becoming English At one time it was just as important as London due to the Wars of the Roses with it’s great rival Lancashire. However, it was during the times of the Vikings that it really was expanded as the town of Jorvik, where it gets its name. The city has given us a rich amount of archaeological finds that has enabled us to understand how the Viking invaders lived and what their customs were. The Jorvik centre helps to bring this all together in a very interactive museum. One thing is for certain, this early medieval maestros have passed on their knowledge and tenacity to the people today. For example. Web design in Yorkshire is some of the best and If you need a web site designed in Yorkshire click here.

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The story of Jorvik centre begins in 1978. A five year dig soon began to unearth more than was expected and our knowledge of the period was greatly enhanced. Chance finds before this indicated that there was more but it is the Coppergate Dig that puts the city on the map. What the Vikings ate, what they used for building materials, what kind of cutlery and dining equipment they used was all unearthed in quantities never seen before.

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Because so much was discovered it meant that rather than look at a load of dusty old objects a real experience of what life was like could be made. This includes the sights, and smells of the time.