How your data is presented is important

December 8, 2020 5:28 am


There is a new way to present data and for the analytics to be seen. Rather than rely on the CPU to digest everything and offer a presentation, specialist companies are also ustilsint the power of the GPU or graphics processing unit instead of the central processing unit. This takes the strain of the CPU, which is exactly what the graphics card was intended to do. The GPU handles the graphics and even adds a dimension of interactivablity that the single CPU could never hope to cope with, especially as it has all the other areas of the computer to deal with as well. It’s where a company like Brytlty gpu accelerated analytics come in as they can provide you with a great service and take the analytics away from your busy schedule. They will produce a decent set of  gpu accelerated analytics allowing for you to make better decisions.

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In order to effectively manage big data and provide a complex interactive analytics experience, GPU analytics refers to an increasing array of applications that involve the fundamental capabilities of GPUs.

GPU-accelerated computing effectively works by assigning the GPU to compute-intensive portions of an application, offering a degree of parallelism in supercomputing that bypasses inefficient, low-level operations used by conventional analytics systems namely those run by the CPU.

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Where conventional CPU architectures have a large hardware footprint and enable data scientists to downsample, index, and pre-aggregate, GPU-accelerated analytics (GPU Analytics) ingests entire databases into the device, allowing users to query, visualise, and power data science workflows across billions of records instantly and even interactively.