What Diseases Can Affect Trees?

February 23, 2021 5:03 am


One of the worst diseases that can affect trees is Dutch Elm Disease. This is a serious fungal infection that can attack and kill your trees. If left untreated, the fungus will eat the tree’s juices, leaving unsightly brown spots on the leaves and branches of your tree. This will often require the services of a Tree Surgeon Gloucester way such as https://geoffreyurchcontracts.co.uk/residential-gardens/tree-surgery/tree-surgeon-gloucester/ to come in and cut down affected parts of the tree and in some cases the tree will need to be removed completely.

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Another disease to be aware of is needle blight. It is more commonly known as white granny’s lace. The affected needle will begin to turn yellow from an unhealthy green to an unsightly brown. The infected needle can also create small holes all through the leaves of your trees.

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A third disease to be on the lookout for is the root disease. This is a type of fungus that infects your tree’s roots and can cause your tree to fall and break off. You can spot signs of this disease by discolouring of your tree’s leaves and branches or if you hear splintering sounds when you snap or prune your trees. Some of the signs of this disease are loosely packed soil, dry rot, weak growth, brown patches, root loss, and so much more. There is hope if you are able to recognise these early signs of disease.