What are fatbergs and how can they cause problems with your home’s plumbing

January 5, 2022 7:02 am


Fatbergs are a common issue that can cause issues with the pipes in your homes. They can result in the water that should be flowing away from your home, to flow back up the plughole. In some severe cases, you might need to look to an Emergency Plumber Cheltenham professional like the ones that you can call out from HPR to help remove the fatberg and repair any damage that might have occurred.

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Fatbergs are lumps of congealed fat and grease that have joined together with other items that have become lodged in your pipes such as food items and hair that may have been washed down your drain. They can also be made up of shampoo and soap that has congealed with hair and become lodged in the pipes. This can cause the water in the pipes to become stagnated and start to smell as well as causing the water to back up the plughole.

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In severe cases, fatbergs have been known to develop in the sewer pipes in the roads where all waste pipes from the houses in a street merge together. These large blockages have to be removed as they can cause wastewater and products to build up in the sewers and this can then either back up into individual houses or it can spill over in the road.