Lighting a Loft Conversion

April 20, 2022 7:38 pm


When you need that extra bit of space in the home, a great way to get it is by doing a loft conversion. This can gain you the extra space to use as you like, whether you want to add in additional bedrooms, a bathroom, or an office to work from home in.

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Designing the space is different to how you might normally look at a room. Because the light and the layout of the room is different due to it being in the roof of the house, there should be a lot of thought given to the layout and the design of a loft conversion, in order to get the most out of the area.

Something that many people think about when it comes to a loft conversion is lighting. This is a room that can feel lighter and brighter, but also will need lighting in it too. LED spotlights are ideally suited for loft conversions as they can be put into all of those small and often awkward crevices and can give a great sense of space in a way that other styles of lighting cannot.

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LED bulbs are also efficient to run, which is another reason that they are becoming more popular. It is a good idea to reduce the risk of fire when it comes to using anything electrical, so when you are installing these types of light into a loft, use downlight covers to provide insulation and protection.