Interesting facts about underfloor heating

March 30, 2022 5:59 pm


More and more people are looking at the benefits of having an Electric Underfloor Heating company come into their homes to fit underfloor heating. It has become a much more popular way of adding additional ways to heat your home. If you are thinking about adding this to your home, here are some interesting facts that you might want to look through.

They are incredibly cost effective to run – in the past people thought that this form of heating would be very expensive, but they are in fact very cost effective. It can cost less than £1 a day based on how many rooms you are using the underfloor heating in, how many days over winter you use the system and what system you have in place.

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You can have either warm water systems that are installed in the subfloor and provide heating or electric underfloor heating that works well with any floor types like engineered wood flooring and often causes less disruption when being installed.

You can have almost any flooring type over the top of underfloor heating including carpet, vinyl, wood, tiles, stones, and laminate. It is always a good idea to talk to your installation company to find out which flooring types they feel work best with their systems before you go out and buy a new flooring type.

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The temperature can be controlled, and most systems are fitted with smart thermostats that make it incredibly easy for you to adjust the temperature depending on the time of year and how low the temperature outside has dropped to.