How to insulate your home effectively

November 30, 2020 4:12 pm


We’re all looking for ways to keep our bills down with energy prices on the rise. Here are some tips on how it can be achieved quickly and clearly.


Reflecting of heat


On both sides, radiators give out heat, so a lot of the air goes through your exterior walls. By placing something reflective, even tin foil, between the wall and the radiator to bounce the heat back into the room, you can prevent this.

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Curtain thickness


Not only does closing the curtains stop the draughts from coming in, it also prevents the air from escaping out of your room and into the window pane’s chill. For winter, invest in dense, lined curtains and also suggest one for your front door.




Double glazing is the best way to keep your room warm, but you might look at adding a second layer in to convert your current windows if you don’t have the budget to replace windows. If you don’t already have it in place it really is a very good idea to get some as soon as you can. The best people to contact about that are the Double Glazing Evesham company Firmfix

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Small draughts


Look out for tiny heat loss sources, also known as mini-draughts. A broken window or mail box is what we’re talking about. Block the holes and enjoy a rise in temperature.


Excluders for Draught


If you have fond memories of draught excluders for sausage dogs, then you can understand that this can be an enticing and enjoyable way to maintain the warmth inside your house for a little longer. If you don’t, just try stuffing old clothes with a pair of tights and popping them at the base of a door to see how successful it can be.