Combine new and old furniture for a unique dining room look

May 7, 2020 11:54 am


Dining Room

The trend for vintage homeware shows no signs of dying down any time soon, but what if an entire house full of secondhand furniture just isn’t your thing? The current fashion is very much about combining different styles from various periods of design history to create a contemporary mismatched look. Combining a brand new dining table, for example, with a selection of vintage or antique chairs means your decor is unique, eye-catching and reflects your own personal taste far better than a matching dining set.

If you are stuck for ideas, House Beautiful magazine offers some great inspiration, with styles to suit every taste and budget.

Designer touches

As House to Home points out, classic styles such as the Eames chair have never gone out of fashion and add a contemporary designer look to any dining room.

Mixing old and new is a wonderful way to add individuality and your own personal style to your dining room decor.

Mixing old and new

Most of us have hand-me-downs from family members or items we have kept since we moved into our first home. Combining old, much-loved items with new pieces adds heart and soul to your dining room. Don’t worry if chairs are slightly different heights or different colours or styles, as this is what this look is all about. Mismatched place settings or different designs of crockery are also very much on-trend, with many fashionable eateries employing this tactic to create an inviting and homely feel. If you like the idea of combining new and old but don’t want to go too far, invest in some new matching place settings and complementary tableware to really tie the whole dining table together.

If you have an old faithful solid oak dining table you have loved for years, but want to give it a new lease of life, sand it down, re-stain it, and accessorise it with an eclectic range of reproduction designer furniture dining chairs to bring it into the 21st century.

The old-and-new-trend is great news for anyone who wants to express their individuality through their decor, while also being mindful of the value attached to much-loved furniture and furnishings.