Reasons for hair loss in women

May 4, 2021 10:42 pm


What causes hair loss in women is much the same as what causes hair loss in men. Women’s hair does not always fall out in a single day; it normally takes about a month or so. There are some cases that you may experience hair loss immediately after pregnancy and in some cases, after the menopause. If you have had hormonal changes in your body like those that occur during pregnancy and menopause, you can also experience sudden hair thinning or hair loss. Another reason for losing hair is stress. Help is on hand via Scalp Micropigmentation from His Hair Clinic.

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Hair loss also differs from hair shedding in men in that there is no complete balding. When we lose hair, it falls out in threes (cluster) rather than one continuous strand. The female version of this phase occurs because the follicles within the scalp who are responsible for producing new hair shed less hair than usual during this three-cycle process. The normal cycle takes two to three months to complete. The total time that the hair follicles are active during the telogen phase, is the same for both sexes.

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What causes hair to fall out in women is commonly referred to as alopecia areata, which can be caused by a variety of factors such as diseases, trauma, medications, hormonal changes, sickness, and even scalp reduction. When women experience alopecia areata, the scalp usually appears matted as well as dry. The affected areas are usually on the front, sides and back of the head. If you notice these symptoms, seek advice from your doctor as hair replacement techniques are available such as hair transplants and scalp reduction.