Farah Menswear Review

July 6, 2021 4:52 am


Farah Menswear is an American fashion line for men, specifically designed and manufactured by Farah Mensah, a former supplier to the military since World War 2. The line of clothing for men combines casual styles with fashionable outfits for a more feminine feel. Farah Mensah started designing for herself when she felt that the fashion industry was not catering to women the way it should. They created her first women’s wear line in the 1920’s and have made a name for themselves as an innovator, a skilled designer.

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The Farah Menswear line includes clothing for all body types including plus sizes, tall, and thin. Farah Mensah believes that clothes should be seen as a form of art, rather than just something one wears to work or to school. Through the clothing line, they attempt to bring the outdoors inside by designing clothing that emphasizes men with figure flattering cuts and flattering colours. These clothes are often accompanied by accessories that highlight the man’s shape. They also include outerwear such as jackets and gloves.

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Farah Menswear clothing is sold at many retailers worldwide. However, the clothing is offered exclusively online through the  Louis Boyd website. For those unable to find the attire that they are looking for at any of these retailers, the website offers customised and personalised apparel as well. Items may be ordered from any size within a given style. Additionally, if there is a specific color that is not available in the color of the clothing that is being requested, the customer can request that a color matching that of the clothing be provided instead.