Dining dress codes for men

January 26, 2021 3:10 am


Choosing an outfit to eat out can be quite confusing, especially if the vibe or dress code for a particular restaurant isn’t always clear. Most high- end restaurant dress codes can be sorted into five different categories: casual, business casual, casual elegant, formal, or jacket required.


A casual dress code for a fine dining restaurant does not mean yesterday’s tshirt and jeans. It is asking for a comfortable yet polished look. A simple tshirt or polo shirt with fitted jeans and smart shoes would make a casual outfit. EJ Menswear has a selection of mens designer Tshirts. Do not opt for a shorts and flip flops look, no matter how comfortable it may be.


Business casual means again, a comfortable yet polished look but with a workplace outfit. It can be quite tricky to figure out what is appropriate. However, the key word is professional, while looking neat and comfortable.

For men, this can include a collared shirt which can be a polo shirt or a button down, dress trousers or pants (cargo pants) which can be tucked away with a sleek belt or a blazer to tie the whole outfit together. Remember to always iron everything and never show a wrinkle. Shoes should be either loafers or office wear.


Casual elegant takes casual up a notch. This varies depending on how much the individual wants to dress up. For men, this can include a dark suit or a shirt with trousers. Turtlenecks and leather shoes are universally accepted.

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