Why your reception area needs to be welcoming

November 26, 2020 4:16 am


It is vital to ensure that you have a reception area that is not only representative of your business, but also warm and welcoming when it comes to meeting and greeting guests, suppliers and customers at your company.

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To build a welcoming reception area for your company, here are our top tips:


Signage – the name of your company must be included in your reception, and maybe a logo or tagline suitable for your company. In order for your visitors to know where to go, you should also ensure that you have signs to show the different areas of your business and ultimately culminate in the reception desk area. If you are in need of a reception desk then a Next day delivery office desks company such as Bestbuyofficechairs will be able to help you out with something suitable. The reception area should become the hub where you want all visitors to gather and having a clearly signed area is the best way to achieve this.

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Seating – There is nothing worse than going to meet somebody to be informed by the reception staff for business purposes that they will be with you shortly, but you are left waiting for them standing around. Having seating in this area is key to creating a welcoming environment and where possible you want this to be comfortable seating and you might also want to think about having some coffee machines available so that your visitors are able to get themselves a drink whilst they wait.