Why not try and make it yourself?

November 28, 2020 3:54 am


Whether it’s sewing, knitting or even DIY garden furniture, more and more people are making things for themselves at home. People are also looking for ways in their homes to have some more natural looking objects. If you want to make things for yourself and your house, here are a couple of ideas for you. Whilst you may not be able to use some brilliant Oak Beams for an extension but it is possible to make some incredible structures.

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Garden bar – why not build your own garden bar where during the hot summer months, you can sit and enjoy a delicious drink and maybe some snacks. You can make these from the wood that you can get from the above company and decorate them in a variety of ways. They are pretty simple to create and some plans and videos on how to do this online can be found.

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Raised beds for the garden. – It may not be a problem getting down to the look after the veggies and the salad plants now but as you grow older it might be. If you have a raised bed, filled with lovely growing compost then the need to stoop down so far is greatly reduced. It also makes the garden nice and tidy.


Bin store made from pallets – Ever seen a load of pallets laying around a warehouse or outside the back of a supermarket. If they can let you have them they can make an excellent bin store to hide away those large wheelie bins that we all have.