What to consider in an event risk assessment?

May 13, 2020 1:14 pm


It is important when running any event that you complete a risk assessment to cover the activities that you have planned. Once you have completed the risk assessment you may want to look at ways to minimise some of the risks by using an Event Medical Hire company such as https://outdoormedicalsolutions.co.uk/. Here are some of the areas that you need to cover in your risk assessment.

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Equipment hazards

If you have any equipment being used such as speakers and screens you need to ensure that these are fitted correctly and that any cables are safely hidden away and you use the appropriate signage.

Crowd Management

If you have a large scale event you will need to think about how people are going to get in and out of your venue safely, how you would manage an evacuation and your procedures for if the crowd gets out of control.

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First Aid

You need to look at whether people could be injured at your event and the ways in which you can minimise this and provide services such as the medical hire that we mentioned above.


If your event is held outside you will need to factor in any hazards that may occur as a result of heat in the summer and the slip and trip hazards that could occur as result of rain.