What Do Office Staff Want?

May 25, 2021 3:34 am


When surveyed, one of the top things that office workers wanted was greater access to green spaces. A green space is one where there is plenty of natural light, where employees are able to work without distraction, or where a mix of different textures and colours, helps to create an atmosphere of creativity, innovation and calm using nature, which can only help the business. Designing a new office space and implementing some of these features can make all the difference.

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One thing that many companies, and particularly small businesses, tend to overlook when it comes to designing a green space, is how their staff will benefit from it. Staff may enjoy the change in scenery and may find that being closer to nature is a real comfort. A good design should encourage people to get up and go, as they can simply walk out of their cubicle, and do something else for a while. Staff may also find that lots of natural light and greenery close to their desks is a real comfort, which can also help to improve work efficiency. Find an Online Garden Centre Kent at https://www.simplygogardening.co.uk/

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An ideal office space has all the above features and can be designed in such a way that they help to create a conducive work environment. Employees are happy to work closer to nature, if there is plenty of fresh air and natural light. Staff can also eat closer to their desks, if the space is designed well.