Benefits of using a bonded warehouse

September 17, 2021 10:45 am


One of the many things to be lost when we joined The EU was those nice little plastic bags that you got at airports and ferries that said, in massive letters DUTY FREE. It was a part of the holiday experience and gave you the chance to show off that you’d been somewhere interesting even if it was just Ireland. When items like cigarettes and alcohol are imported (and we do import quite a lot) then they have to sit somewhere until the duty can be applied. In fact you might as well put one of those big DUTY FREE plastic bags around them.

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At least with Brexit those bags will make a comeback, so will as personal limits you can have before you pay duty on them. Everything in the warehouse is going to be sold on eventually but it can take awhile for this to happen. As you would expect the security is very tight, it’s one of the benefits of the bonded warehouse, but it requires the use of Bonded Warehouse Management like that from a company like Gaina.

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Why do people use them, what are the benefits? The main use of the bonded warehouse so that you can leave the items there for a long time. The reason that this is done is to reduce the amount of excise that needs to be paid on the goods, or to wait until there is a more favourable tax environment to sell the products in.