Choosing a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle

February 1, 2021 12:04 pm


Choosing a wheelchair accessible vehicle for yourself or loved one can be a very confusing and lengthy process. There are just so many factors, from your personal size to the weight of your wheelchair, which tend to dictate the decision of which vehicle to purchase. For most people with limited mobility, purchasing a manual wheelchair can be more comfortable and cost effective. However, if you need a large enough vehicle to accommodate both your wheelchair and a motorized wheelchair or scooter, buying a car can become a more complex process.

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Wheelchair accessible vans are available in all shapes, sizes and models. Some of the larger vans with full amenities such as large wheelchair tie down tie downs, and rear-facing wheelchair lifts are ideal for people who require more than a manual wheelchair. If you don’t have much room in your vehicle, there are many conversion kits that will convert a standard automobile into a wheelchair accessible van but for purpose-made WAV Vehicles, visit

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There are numerous manufacturers of wheelchair accessible vehicles such as wheelchair vans, vans with a crew cab or sport utility vehicles, and minivan-style vans. These styles of vehicle are ideal for wheelchair users with less than optimal leg strength to allow for a manual transfer. These vehicles also work well for disabled people who drive, since the transfer is simple and can be done with minimal physical effort.