3 things you might not know about petrol stations

October 13, 2021 10:34 am


All drivers have used petrol stations on countless occasions, even more so for those who drive for a living. Here are some interesting facts about garage forecourts that you might not know:

  1. Ever wondered why the cost of goods purchased in the petrol station shop are more expensive than any other shop? Well, petrol stations don’t actually make that much money. Retailers often only make about 5 pence from a litre of fuel due to heavy fuel duty and VAT, the cost of the fuel itself and paying staff wages. Out of that 5 pence they need to pay staff, corporation tax and business rates. They literally make their money from the other goods they sell. They can make more of a cup of convenience coffee than from selling 40 litres of fuel! To save money on your fuel, consider Allstar Fuel Cards from Fuel Card Services

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  1. The rule about not using a mobile phone while at a petrol station was once down to the unknowns surrounding electrical devices and fuel and the risk of explosions. This risk has now been quashed by experts so they are safe to use, however, it’s not advisable when dealing with moving vehicles and fuel pumps!

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  1. Unless you’re just popping into the shop to pay for fuel and grab a pint of milk, you should really fill up and then move to a parking bay. For those looking to complete a small grocery shop, it’s good etiquette to move your car away from the pumps to prevent other motorists having to queue to fill up.